How to make payment


To purchase bitcoin using your Cash App:

  1. Tap the Bitcoin tab on your Cash App home screen.
  2. Tap Buy BTC
  3. Select an amount tap … to enter a custom amount
  4. Enter your PIN and select Confirm

Purchasing bitcoin requires that you have a balance in your Cash App. You may also need to enter additional geographical information


How to use Bitcoin ATM

  1. Finding a Bitcoin ATM location near you

  • First, you will need to find the nearest machine. One of the handy ways is using by using Coin ATM Radar (   OR ), which keeps all information about Bitcoin ATMs including fees, verification procedures, online status and many more. Also, you will find a live map of ATMs on the site
  • Add your location in the search bar located on the top left corner.
  • Click the search icon to see a list of the nearest ATMs.
  • Pick a Bitcoin ATM and then click ‘Get directions’ to get the exact Google maps location and address

2. Then scan QR code of your wallet

Using your mobile phone, scan your Bitcoin wallet QR using your favorite app, this wallet is where the purchased bitcoins will be sent.
Note: If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet you may also print a paper wallet  (as seen on the screen to the left) at the kiosk itself and import it into a wallet later, or you can download a bitcoin wallet from the App store.


3. Insert cash bills into the ATM

Insert cash into the ATM. The Inserted amount of cash will display on
the screen as well as the amount of BTC which you will receive in
Note: You will also see the bitcoin wallet address to which bitcoins will be sent

4. Click on “Confirm Purchase”

and the transaction will be confirmed

5. Click on “Done” to complete the transaction and a receipt will be printed.

After you finished the transaction bitcoins will be sent to the address you scanned.
Assure to keep the receipt this is your proof of purchase.



How to send PayPal Friends and Family

You don’t need any special configurations, therefore sending funds using PayPal Friends and Family should be simple if you follow the steps:

  1. Log into the PayPal account
  2. Select “Send & Request”
  3. Input the recipient’s details using either the name, email address or phone number in the “Send money” section
  4. Choose “Sending to a friend” when prompted
  5. Enter the payment amount and add a note, if desired
  6. Click Submit.


  1. Sign in to Coinbase.

  2. Select Buy / Sell on the upper right-hand side.

  3. Click the Buy field to select the asset you’d like to purchase. 

  4. Enter the amount you’d like to buy denominated in crypto or your local currency.

  5. Select your payment method.

  6. Click Preview Buy to confirm your purchase (you can always click the back arrow to make a change).

  7. If the details are correct, click Buy to complete your purchase.

If you’d like to make this a recurring purchase, click One time purchase and select how often you’d like the purchase to repeat. 



1. Tap swap  at the bottom.

2. Select Buy, then select the asset you’d like to purchase.

3. Enter the amount you’d like to buy denominated in crypto or your local currency.

4. Select Preview Buy to review your purchase (you can always tap the back button to make a change).

5. If all the details are correct, tap Buy now to complete your purchase.

If you’d like to make this a recurring purchase, tap One time purchase and select how often you’d like the purchase to repeat.

What is the minimum amount I can buy?

You can purchase or sell as little as 2.00 of cryptocurrency denominated in your local currency ($2 or €2 for example). You can find more information about creating a buy or sell order here.

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